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Slowing it Down in Faster Times

When 2020 started, I did what I most often say I will never do…make a new year’s resolution. Well, I did. One of them was to read one book a month. Have I kept up with this so far? Surprisingly for a new year’s resolution, I have. [Read more]

Remembering Dr. Chris Lindfelt

Chris and I started our respective positions in Undergraduate Studies around the same time in the later half of 2014. I changed advisor roles within the office in UGS, while Chris moved from the College of Natural Sciences into the Associate Dean role in UGS. [Read more]

In Memory of Raymond Navarro

If you had to define Ray, you would hear comments of Ray being a trailblazer, innovator, encourager and supporter. Everything Ray did tied back to his time as a student. [Read more]

Ending 2020 with 25 Episodes of an Advising Podcast

December 21, 2020 marked the 25th published episode of the Adventures in Advising Podcast, a podcast started in January of this year by both Colum Cronin and myself. [Read more]

Your Path to Self-Mastery in the New Year

If 2020 taught us anything, working on ourselves should be a priority. How best to start off 2021? On New Years Day, I watched a Ted Talk from Master Shi Heng Yi titled, 5 Hindrances to Self-Mastery. [Read more]

My Favorite Asian American Actors Who Also Attended a CSU or UC

Growing up, I did not see as many actors that looked liked me. There did not seem to be much Asian and Asian American representation in Hollywood. [Read more]

Lessons Learned Co-Hosting & Editing Advising Podcasts, Part I

So, do you want to start a podcast? I highly support you in your endeavor! Podcasting to me is an exciting and creative outlet that can have a positive impact with your audience. [Read more]

Lessons Learned Co-Hosting and Editing Advising Podcasts Part II

Now that you have an idea of what your podcast will consist of, what your podcast title will be, purpose, possible guests and promotion, now you have to actually record and edit it. What is the best way to do this? [Read more]

A Conversation with Michael Harrison

Over the last 16 years, I have known Michael Harrison in various roles within higher education, such as student assistant, customer service supervisor, admissions recruiter, and academic advisor. [Read more]

From Childhood to Now: My Favorite Korean American Characters

There is no question that Asian and Asian American representation over the years has been lacking in many areas such as business, education, sports and media. Continuing from my post last month about... [Read more]

Carolyn Stevens - Advisor. Colleague. Friend. Family.

There is one mentor in particular who has been there from the start of my undergraduate time to now.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to Carolyn A. Stevens...[Read more]

Listen to the Silence Conference Reflection

I had an opportunity to attend the virtual Listen to the Silence Conference, hosted by the Stanford Asian American Student Association. The 25th Annual LTS Conference ran from...[Read more]

Book Review - Speaker's Edge: Secrets and Strategies for Connecting with any Audience

In the academic advising realm, I would imagine we have been involved in various presentations. These presentations probably range from speaking to students at orientation...[Read more]

How to be an Effective Loser

Back when I taught a first year seminar course (USTD-100A) at Cal State San Bernardino, I would have students complete a few self-reflection assignments. One of those assignments was based off one of my go to TED Talks on losing. [Read more]

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Representation in Marvel Comics

''There's literally never been a better time in my memory with more opportunities for doing work that specifically includes Asian and...[Read more]

Turning Academic Advising and Pins into a Passion Project

In 2017, during a conference planning meeting with my former associate dean, the late Dr. Chris Lindfelt expressed his desire to have a pin made for the 2018 California Collaborative Advising and Counseling Conference [Read More]

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