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Matt Markin is an academic advisor in the office of Advising and Academic Services at California State University, San Bernardino where he coordinates the 2 & 4 Year Graduation Pledge Programs. Matt has worked at CSUSB for 17 years. Matt earned his B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Education-Career & Technical Education from CSUSB. 


Matt is active in NACADA-The Global Community for Academic Advising, having served on the WebEvents Advisory Board, Global Awards Committee and as co-chair of the 2020 Region 9 Conference. Matt was recognized in 2016 for NACADA’s Outstanding Advisor-Primary Advising Role Award, in 2017 for the NACADA Region 9 Excellence in Advising-Advisor Primary Role Award, and in 2021 for the NACADA Region 9 Advising Innovation Certificate of Merit. In 2019, Matt completed the NACADA Emerging Leaders Program (2017-2019 cohort). In October, Matt will serve as the Region 9 Chair (2021-2023). 

Matt has been part of over 25 advising related presentations on a variety of topics including academic probation, technology, social media, exploratory advising, advising theory, advisor training & development, and podcasting.  


In his free time, Matt co-hosts and edits three academic advising related podcasts, Adventures in Advising, CSUSB Advising, and APIDA Waves.


He is a cat lover, comic book geek, pro wrestling enthusiast, and a San Diego Padres fan. 

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